TitleSTANDARD GRAPHENE NOTICE2019-04-30 03:35:16

We are Korea’s first and foremost Graphene company that possesses mass production capabilities, offering Graphene and Graphene Oxide to our customers.

At STANDARD GRAPHENE, through fostering talent and innovative R&D, we hope to realize our vision of becoming the epitome and standard for all Graphene producers around the world.

We consider customer satisfaction our top priority and strive to offer our customers unrivaled service by providing products of the highest quality at the best prices.

At STANDARD GRAPHENE, we hope to influence a dynamic change in the environment that we exist in. With you, we will help the world redefine the standard.

Contact Us

Let’s discuss your product or application. STANDARD GRAPHENE would love to discuss your application and how best to utilize graphene to make it stronger, lighter, and more cost effective. Call or email for a confidential, direct connect to your graphene Frontiers solution.

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