TitleCall for extraordinary shareholders meeting2019-07-04 00:44:08
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Call for extraordinary shareholders meeting (appointment of an executive director) - Announcement of Temporary Closure of Shareholder List


Announcement of Temporary Closure of Shareholder List


By Article. 354 of the Commercial Law and Article. 15 of company regulations, we are presenting voting rights to shareholders currently listed in the shareholder list. To finalize the list of rightful shareholders, we are suspending any changes to the shareholder list including the transfer of shareholder name, the registration, change, and erasure of pledging rights, and the marking and erasure of trust property from July 6th to July 8th, 2019.


June 18th, 2019


Ulsan, Jung-gu, Jongga-ro 15. Ulsan Fine Chemical industry Center #413

Joung-Hoon Lee, President, Standard Graphene 


Transfer Agent

Byung-Rae Lee, CEO, Korea Securities Depository




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