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STANDARD GRAPHENE’s Cutting-Edge Graphene Technology

Proprietary technology for high-quality Graphene product development & manufacturing.
9+years of intensive research and development in the fields of Graphene and carbon nanomaterials.
Distinguishable & proven R&D results.

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R & D

Research and Development lie at the core value of our company.

We invest in various customized fields of application, expand the variety and range of our products, as well as develop the core capacities of Graphene itself.

The only way to change is to innovate, and at STANDARD GRAPHENE, we continually pioneer the revolution of the materials industry.

        STANDARD GRAPHENE Production Method


Applications Table


Industry Product Major Improvements Commercialization
Ready for
Water Purification Home-Use Filter Greatest Performance & Lowest Cost in the Market level1 level2 level3
Industrial Filter Industrial Dye Waste Filterable level1 level2 level3
Desalination Filter No Infra & Massive Plant Needed level1 level2
Composite Plastic 8.5%-21% of Improvement in Mechanical Properties level1 level2 level3
CFRP 25%-90% of Improvement in Mechanical Properties level1 level2
Rubber 30% Improvement in Tensile Strength level1 level2
PU Form 130% and 28% of Improvement in Strength and Sound Absorption level1 level2 level3
Cement 30% and 66% of Improvement in Strength and Flexibility level1 level2
3D Printing ABS Filament 104% of Improvement in both Modulus and Tensile Strength level1 level2 level3
rGO Metal Mixture 37% of Improvement in Hardness and Tensile Strength level1
Coating Ceramic Coating 30-100% of Improvement in Strength and 39% of Improvement in Conductivity level1 level2
Teflon Coating 29% of Improvement Heat Sink Test level1 level2
Heat Sink rGO Coating 22.3℃ of Improvement Heat Sink Test level1 level2 level3
Energy Battery Anode Significant Improvement in Capacity, Energy Loss, Life Cycle and Fast Charging level1 level2
Beauty & Bio Cosmetic Superior Cleansing Effect and Whitening Effect level1 level2 level3
Medical Patch 14% of Improvement in Electrical Resistance level1